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Concierge Training

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Concierge Training at our organization offers a unique opportunity for those eager to serve as pivotal support in transformative, often stressful, life situations. As a Concierge, you will be a primary point of contact for Participants navigating the complexities of significant life changes, such as divorce. Your role involves direct interaction with these individuals, offering them reassurance, clarity, and direction during times of uncertainty and emotional distress. In this remote position, your day-to-day responsibilities include handling communications through phone calls, emails, and chat platforms. You will engage with families, providing emotional support and sharing critical knowledge to ease their concerns. Additionally, you'll assist our team of Experts in Action with various tasks, ensuring seamless support for all involved. This role is not only about managing logistics but also about being a calming and reliable presence for families in crisis. As the first contact for Participants seeking guidance about our services, particularly in navigating divorce, you play an essential role in the initial stages of their journey. When necessary, you will facilitate connections with divorce professionals within our community, helping Participants find the resources they need. We aim to be the world’s most family-friendly workplace. Our policies reflect this goal, offering flexible work hours, the option to work from home, "110% Flex Time," and opportunities for paid upskilling. This position is designed for someone who is not only looking to advance their career but is also committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others. The ideal candidate for this role is deeply fascinated by people and passionate about helping others. You should be an excellent communicator, capable of maintaining focus on desired outcomes despite the complexities and challenges that may arise. We are looking for someone who is smart, energetic, and centered—someone who sees

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