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Communication Circle

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Mickey Seidl
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Welcome to the Communication Circle!

We've all seen the best and worst in people, and many of us are dealing with challenges we don't always want to talk about. Did you know that 44% of people we work with are experiencing abuse but just want to move on? The thing is, we often carry these patterns with us.

That's why we've started these Communication Circles. Here, we practice Non-Violent Communication (NVC) together. This isn't just a learning space—it's a community where we support each other in becoming better communicators. We all make mistakes, but together, we can improve.

This is a safe place to practice. Love comes from within and is not subject to force or coercion. As a wise friend once said, NVC makes you "Unfuckwithable!" It’s true. Let’s dive in—We’ve got this.

Share your challenges, and let’s work together to find the perfect response. Welcome to a journey of growth and empowerment!


Welcome to the Communication Circle and Online Forum! Have y...


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